Thanks for visiting! I’m Vianca, I’m here to teach you how to build your meals, snacks, daily routine and guide you to increase your daily activity. Focus on balance. Learn to add your favorite foods and keep your culture’s cuisine in your diet. I will help you learn how to eat for weight loss, eat for muscle gains, eat for maintenance, or simply help you improve your daily routine and food choices. Let’s take things one step at a time, I will meet you on the level you’re at, and we will build from there. Schedule your free explore call so we can get the ball rolling! Talk to ya soon.


B.S. of Behavioral & Community Health, graduated from The School of Public Health
at University of Maryland

ACE Certified Health Coach

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

NCHEC Certified Health Education Specialist


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“Vianca is an excellent health coach! If you are looking for a safe space with a supportive coach, look no further! Vianca’s coaching style will keep you accountable, engaged, and excited about your progress. She will celebrate small and big wins with you, push to try a little bit harder every week, and answer all the questions you could come up with. She’s the accountability buddy I always knew I needed, but couldn’t find. I am so happy to be working with her now!”

—Bria M.

“I’ve been working with Vianca for two months and she’s helped me break my plateau I’ve been stuck at for a year. Additionally she has provided support to help with my unhealthy relationship with food. Helping me not feel guilty about have a glass of wine or a slice of cake. Helping me come up with ways to not continue to eat ALL the cake. She’s helped me visualize what my plates should look like to reach my desired goals of building muscle and losing fat. She cheers me on when I do something great, have a good workout, make a good looking meal, but also checks me when I’ve had a lot of treats. I highly recommend working with her no matter what your goal is!”

—Ashley M.

“Vianca is a world class— a little known secret that everyone should know. Vianca makes it easy— from the first consultation she laid out a tailored, data driven plan and I’ve never looked back. Eight months in I am already 125 pounds down…and still going. What started out as a seemingly short-term project to lose a few pounds and get healthier has evolved into a life changing journey for which I only have Vianca to thank. Heed my advice - hire Vianca!”